Addtional Supportive Services

Educators and Evaluators (K through 20)


Enhance educational delivery, promote S.T.E.A.M activities, and execute new ways to introduce, review, and evaluate baseline information and/or skills.

Industry Specific


NESCorp can provide fundamental and advanced training for industry specific career functions such as, but not limited to: HVAC, manufacturing, ect. 

Trainer Development


NESCorp can provide specific training to current trainers to meet industry or client needs that reinforces industrial proficiency. We believe that strong trainers equate to better teachers, which in turn produces better product (student/trainee).

Tactile Proficiency Assessment


With over 50 years of industry practical and technical experience; our trainers can easily identify whether an employee is competent in their current role and can implement a corrective action plan with metrics to show growth and measure areas of improvement or concern. 

Community Tech


NESCorp has devoted several resources to train individuals (secondary learners, general public underserved populations, etc.) on computer fundamentals and general repair such as maintenance, components, function, and troubleshooting techniques.



Assist inmates and offenders with securing employment through relevant training that can begin pre or post release. In addition to assisting or providing resources to children and families of offenders that are in need of housing, mental, behavioral, or financial services. 

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