How it all began ...

Founder/CEO, Martin Easley w Thomasena Philen at the Daikin facility in Houston, TX.

The National Educational Support Corporation, NESCorp was started from a vision that Founder/CEO, Martin Easley, had after years of taking note to the fact that the trainees that he had encountered struggle profusely with basic skills. Thus, making it harder to function in the labor force. After talking to colleague, Thomasena Philen, from Daikin North America, she suggested that it sounded as if he was going to start a coalition. 

That was the fuel to the fire that started Easley on the journey of finding the best team that has a fierce passion to make a difference on the planet. After reaching out to many in the span of a years’ time, Easley was able to acquire a team that is simply dynamic and completely driven to get results. After assembling the team, WE ARE HERE!


The challenge; new graduates from many different fields of study struggle with basic reading and math skills. Minding the data that continuously plagues our educational system, Easley and his team feel that if the right teams worked vigilantly on local and national levels to give real world, real-time tangible support to the American classroom - we as educators, trainers, and life coaches stand a chance at winning the fight against this atrocity. Without going any further, know that NESCorp is here to support all functions in developing a smarter America. 

Thank you in advance for your support and know that it is cherished immensely!